Monday, August 9, 2010

Old School Enduro Tires

August 8, 2010 A Sunday in Ostuni

Ostuni (Br)
August 8, 2010
And no sea this Sunday because of a mistral and urging that we decide to do?!
Another photo walk this time dedicated to Ostuni (Br)
Also known as White City
because of its quaint old town completely painted with white lime.
And so 'camera on his shoulder and stands in tow, we are ready to capture each with its glance, this charming historic village that all c'invidiano.
And some of the boys of course photographic "Imagining" have once again outdone themselves confronting, giving himself advice and taking a more 'can not ..
GOOD .... you're up and running!

Ready to go ?!!!!

What a beautiful group !!!!!

you understand how to do it ?!!!!!

One of my favorite subjects ... The street lamps ...

; ;

Alto lamp post .... but I will not be 'a bit' boring ?!!!!
Ostuni from the point of view of a lantern .....

... And another ....

The colors of the dusk ...

?!!!!! Guess lamppost .... MORE

Ostuni at night and this photo and 'Claudia Ardia ... Fine ...

AND FINALLY ........

U.S. ...... Thanks to Vito, John, Mimmo, Marinella, Francesco, and Maria Claudia
And the next stage which will'?!!!!!
accepted proposals !!!!!


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