Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Congrats On Your Engagement Saying

my mother was diagnosed with cancer (odd word with which I already came across better than cancer but it is also my astrological sign ..), but my mom has almost 90 years and then let the dying little by little.
was fragile and there seemed a little 'lost in his world, as the doctors explained it to us then, as often happens, took all astounding: "I have lived to 90 years but now that I will have to live? "
and then say with yourself ... I thought that by now you do not realize the extent to which instead suffers not only physically?
I hate to even think to see it wears out, fall in a bed with no energy.
I prayed so much I do not believe in a God to take it during sleep and to save her, to us a pain in vain!


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