Wednesday, December 8, 2010

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is an eternity that I write my daughter's marriage

I watched the last post .... almost 2 ½ months. Were not beautiful, certainly not, the slow trickle to the aggravation of the conditions of my mom are really a pain and a very heavy penalty ... there is one thing that strikes me in the worst of lucidity we got to the point, that sometimes does not know, yesterday for example. I said "why do you call me Mom?" Yes, because now she calls me her "mama" (I've become a mother, the one who takes care and medical, prepare to eat and to dress them up and goes to sleep the night) but I do not feel so and punishment of those things I feel the anger to see the roles reversed, she is my mother and I realize I still need to have even at my age!

I put a picture of the Tree of the Senate, that this year the merry gentleman "Palace" have managed to finish ... it's not cute and cheerful with all those colors and all those creations: beautiful, ugly, diverse, committed, good and simple bad taste?
And then my first crochet ... a bookmark, it's not beautiful but olgogliosa to be able to do it alone (just by itself because before these things I would teach my mom!)
's all ......


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