Monday, October 11, 2010

Colloidal Silver & Vitiligo

10 Ottobre 2010 Uscita Fotografica " Il percorso dei Briganti " le masserie di Noci seguendo le orme dei Briganti

Noci (Ba)
October 10, 2010

Settembrina And after the break, here we are Here 'all together in this photographic escape to nature discovery of the places in not so remote, it was rumored that unscrupulous men attacked, plundered, terrozizzassero travelers.
In this part of the Murgia the epic story of robbery has known events related to the history and urban legends.
And we thank the wonderful organization of
"Ants of Puglia" Ass.Culturale Noci (Ba)
sensitive to the recovery of the country's history, we followed what was once the headquarters Briganti, made of fortified farms, forests and caves where they used to flee.
could not remain insensitive to this fascinating history and so 'this time armed with camera and lots of enthusiasm we ventured into this little trip!!
Meeting at 8.30

In .... the bus ride!!

distortions ph.di Pier Paolo Lorizio

First stop .. Church of Barsento

Second stage .. the caves where they used to take refuge Briganti

.. and there 'who photographed spider webs!!

Barsento view of the church in front of the huts of the brigands.

Third Leg " Masseria Murgia Albanian "
Built in 1796 as a summer residence for leisure and the pleasures of personal canon GBAlbanese, Masseria Murgia Albanian presents itself as one of the Ville-Barletta more 'refined local heritage and rich history of Moldova has maintained its original agricultural vocation and where time seems to stand still.

Ducklings. .. Ph Pier Paolo Lorizio

Fourth and final stage of "Old Colonial Scotland"
The true characteristic of this large farm and 'the Jazz, a large square-shaped space station used in the flock and is also distinguished by the presence of 15 well-casedde homes, long ago used as shelters for civilians pregnant.

Tutti a fotografare...che belli!!! Ph. di Vito Bellino

Questa bellissima mattinata dedicata alla fotografia e non solo ,termina per alcuni alle 13,30 ma per altri continua con uno splendido e corposo pranzo in un'altra masseria " La Mandra".
Grazie a Valeria,Sergio,Francesco,Patrizia,Francesca,Maria ,
Salvo, Vito, Pierpaolo,
Tonio, Mimmo, Fabio, Vito, Carlo, the sun has graced us with her warm heat
and maybe me too !!!!!
A special thank you '
Axis. Cultutale "Ants of Puglia"
with their well-trained guides who have made this possible .

the upcoming !!!!!


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