Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Which Is Best Threelac Or Florastor

24 Ottobre 2010 Una domenica d'autunno a Mola di Bari


Putignano (Ba) Avenue 'Autodromo

' s official, fall is' in progress and the warmth of the sun of October m'invoglia to get my camera e farmi una passeggiata in solitaria dove i colori dell'autunno sono sempre molto accentuati.

Passeggiata Romantica

Foglie cadute


Putignano ( Ba) Viale dell'Autodromo

Ma i colori autunnali ,meravigliosi,mi hanno fatto venire nostalgia dell'azzurro del sea \u200b\u200bthat I love so much and so ', as if by magic, here's an sms Scalmati nostalgic and two other photographers and fans after two hours we were at sea .... destination Mola di Bari
a Italian town of about 25,000 inhabitants in the province of Bari in Puglia.
refounded by Charles I of Anjou 'in 1277 on an earlier settlement, Mola is located along the coast of the Adriatic Sea 20 km south-east of the capital
and its fishing port is the most important of Puglia



Fisherman 1

Fisherman 2

The bell

The bicycle and the sea

Fisherman 3




walks alone

Colors Autumn

Pause Sunday

October Sky

Lungomare di Mola

Be 'that is, between a chat with the fishermen and a laugh with my friends shots, we spent a great afternoon, happy to live and enjoy the colors of my Puglia!!

Thanks John and Francis .... I'll see you Sunday for another great photo walk!!


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