Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How To Get Moonstone Earrings Maplestory

Recycling Christmas ... first episode

I was invited to make a Christmas market in San Maurizio al Lambro, 11 December ...
I decided to participate and I have put in to make stuff, along with Erica. While I was thinking about what to do I saw the basket with the remnants, I looked dejected do ... is a bit 'not fishing there and the stuff was piling up unused. I was turned on the light bulb and I have been busy.

The first thing that I've created are the bags for wrap the gifts. An eco-friendly package, I would say, since
a) is not made of cloth and paper
b) they are remnants from other advanced work
c) once took out the gift can be reused in other ways

Here's what came out:


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