Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Panasonic Nv-gs11 Usb Drıver Xp

Esercitazioni del Terzo Corso Base di Fotografia " Immaginando"

Third Basic Course in Photography "Imagining"
lesson devoted to proofs of Portrait
What models!!

All careful to listen to this lesson very interesting ...

second exit Afternoon
S. Vito (Polignano) November 7, 2010
Third Basic Course of Photography

All ready with camera and tripod?!

There 's always some intruder!!

tests and night portrait

Good Guys ... always ready to learn and apply the concepts and
thanks to Professor
Laera that Cosmo and 'always available to everyone!!

Boats waiting


ancient tower

Benedictine Abbey

S. Vito fraction of Polignano a Mare (Ba)
San Vito is a location overlooking the sea near Polignano and his name is given the patron saint and it is from this village which starts in June, the procession dedicated to the saint.
It 's a very picturesque harbor of a stranger who does not live in Puglia, but to be honest, even to the same Puglia but it is absolutely advisable to go. Near the port there is the impressive Benedictine Abbey, built by the Venetians around 1700 and now virtually abandoned. The church is open only on holidays but there is a restaurant-bar inside the abbey which can beautifully accommodate the needs of tourists, not to mention other premises in the immediate vicinity. In addition, the sea is clean and clear, a real invitation to walk in an afternoon in the middle of winter ...


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