Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Updo Hairstles For Military Ball

21 Novembre 2010 Una domenica pomeriggio a Noci( Ba )

Noci (Ba)
November 21, 2010
Winter and 'outside, the days are much shorter but the light we have at this time, here' in the South, leads us to take our camera and capture the spectacle that only the nature and 'able to give us.
And so ', the birthday party of one of our friends of photography (and more!) We decided to enjoy a coffee', strictly offered by the celebrated,
to Noci (Ba) a country of about 20,000 inhabitants situated on the southern Murgia, including the country between the towns belonging to Valley itria , of \u200b\u200btourist Trulli, Grotte, Borghi ancient and fortified farm.
clock tower in Piazza Plebiscito

Old Window



Mother Church

Dusk Noces

Fontana Municipal

They hardly ever there!

Special wrought iron railing

Detail of Fontana

The celebrated

shutter control!

New photos of friends


And these are all of us ... .. The Sound of Music
Thanks to Ross, Tony, John, Carmine, Frank, Mimmo, Graziani, Claudia, Pierpaolo, Ross 2, and thanks to the gentleman next to the church that has lost view a single moment!!
the upcoming ....

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