Thursday, November 18, 2010

How To I Remove My Walmart Starter Earrings

eco-friendly packages for Christmas Weekend

this weekend between the creative courses that we will also propose to CentrOlistico to furoshiki. This is a "technique" used in packing and Japan carry things with the fabric.
According to the results of Eco Event conducted in Japan by Minister for the Environment in 2005 with a plastic bag that weighs 8 to 10 grams requires 16 to 18 ml of raw oil to be produced. Also emits 30 grams of carbon dioxide during the process of construction and 31 grams of high dioxide during its incineration. Imagine, not using a plastic bag environment would save 61 grams of carbon dioxide. The Minister also stated that 30 billion plastic bags are used each year in Japan. Continue to use plastic bags for shopping every day is lethal to the health of our planet, This is why the Minister of Environment Yuriko Koike has decided to promote the return to the tradition of furoshiki distributing a leaflet with some guidance.
Sunday, November 21 from 15 to 16 you can take the course. The cost is 15 €. E 'reservation required


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