Saturday, January 29, 2011

Finger Pain With Urination

black cake from the heart of soft noodles with cream

This cake is not mine. But USA. Or rather, of his fantastic book "RECIPES FOR GAME" that can not be more magical ... about you already bought it? Talented, she was sure.
Then go all on page 76 (I feel a little '"teacher" ... some recipes with his beautiful strong eheheheheh you say) and enjoy up at the bottom of this wonderful cake. Light-bodied but in fact it has no eggs or butter, but the cocoa, and it is great.
is high, but pretty soft and it's already so good, but if you want to be well dressed up. Follow the advice of Natalia for "clothing" and touch the sky with a finger.

We have made the wearing of trousers beautiful golden yellow, which is a soft and tasty to cremetta lemon that has been gently placed in the middle of the two layers of cake. Consumed at breakfast this morning, there remained soft in the heart until lunchtime.

Just looking from the right foot ... Thanks again ^ _ ^ Natalia

With this cake for the collection of sweet Flavia

400 grams of flour - 400 g sugar (I put 200: 100 brown sugar, 100 ml of honey) - 100 gr cocoa powder - 1 egg - a pint of whole milk (I am a bit more) - a packet of baking powder - a knob of butter if you use silicone pans - custard ready Parmalat (convenient eh!)

In a bowl put sugar, sifted flour and cocoa well.
Then add the egg and milk slowly. Put the yeast in the mixture and mix well. The batter should be runny and well blended.
Pour into a baking dish, imburratela only if it is silicone, and put in oven at 180 degrees. After about half an hour check the area with a toothpick that must come out dry. Decorated in taste and appetite ^ _ ^


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