Tuesday, January 25, 2011

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Going back ... Another day on the island

My connection has proved to be a kind of close, even at two hours. Immigration and customs was not reached its limit but still had long queues on both sections. Even without baggage, and no additional inspections, still took about an hour to get both and then I still had to pass through the terminal for my next domestic flight. Fortunately, this terminal is just next door (as if it were on the road outside the country), so I picked up at newsstands and controlled little effort. Then came the security ....... I saw the first line had wrapped all the way along the balcony, so I went looking for another option. Viola! A second line, and soon! ; Ooofff! appears that the line was for "Priority AAccess" (pay for the line soon), so I went back to suffer from the long line of balcony. But just as I was passing the elevator opened and I thought what the heck. So I went up the elevator to find the nearest line. not you know, everything was roped off and sent me back down the escalator to the priority line AAccess again. Curse ! Foiled again! But then I heard the woman monitoring the line by opening it to us common people. Hallelujah, I delivered! Be ', sort of .... still got a little 'to go, and I arrived at my door just as he started to board. Così tanto per evitare il pasto costoso in volo.


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