Thursday, January 27, 2011

K'nex Swing Ride Instructions Paper

A souvenir from a trip to Antarctica

Abbiamo   iniziato with moonlight early morning , then with each m we obtained the wind became stronger , and fall snow increases. All the way up I was busy with myself, no time to take pictures . After we started to down , soon the wind almost finished and also some blue became visible . E 'was really pity for go one of top 10 trekking world , and then being in place in which we worked hard to get , and then see nothing . We could see only few meters every direction. Luck .
So , all us group , ; we return to pray in advance for conditions of sun and perfect . Finally all   noi   è arrivato   in   Muktinath   Mustang   dopo   circa   11 ore.   Alfred e   mi   è arrivato   ultimo ,   ma   possiamo   dire che   ci siamo goduti   la   neve   più a lungo .


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