Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Kart Frame In Louisiana

handmade Christmas - the fifth installment with handmade tools and ran

This was a bestseller this Christmas. Unbelievable but true ... the scarf is gone like hot cakes. I've made lots that sold and given away. I made them a bit 'tighter than the usual scarf that can be used as a cap. This is because I find that so wide are a bit 'too far away from the neck. If I put the scarf is for neck warm ...
also so tight you can put double effect creating a double face that I really like. I have even more products to be used both as a short scarf or as a headband.
Making them is really easy. You can work with circular needles so you do not have to do other seams. You can work with normal iron, creating a rectangle and then sew the end to give the shape. There is a third system, which allowed me to make a fifty in a few days ....
It's called Addi Express! Probably the love of knitting and the knitting as therapy relaxing "turn up their nose but I find that for some things this machine is truly amazing. Certainly has its limits. Meanwhile, only makes knit (but I like a lot, I love the simple things). The scarf is just one of endless possibilities of this machine that there is a small (22 needles) and large (to 46 needles) you can work round but flat and you can do and even golf sweaters, as well as bags, scarves, shawls, blankets ...

These days I am studying, a little 'time to its full potential, I was planning to teach a good course to use it not only to make the scarf (something you learn in 3 seconds). Meanwhile, I placed the order ... I received the small, 22 needles, now I'll enjoy using. And this week I will reach even those that have already been ordered! In this regard
Sunday, January 23 there will be a free basic course for those who asked me Addi Express is also open to those who want to come and look around to see how this magical knitting for adults (remember that Barbie?) . Anyone wishing to attend may send the membership info@centrolistico.it I'm going to grind wool! Good day:)


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