Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Can Sinus Infection Cause Your Ears To Bleed?

30 and January 31 , will turn the Fair of Saint Orso in Aosta .
This is an event designed to put light on the creativity el ' industriousness of mountain people.
In the Middle Ages took place in the village of Aosta, in precisely that area that is called Ursus. A legend says that the show had begun in front of the church where the saint was usually give to the poor clothing and shoe , typical wooden shoes
Val d'Ayas.
It even says that the purchase of an item on these stands is a good omen for the whole year, maybe a grolla Aosta Valley to prepare for the typical coffee valley. .

I've been to Bear Fair, there was so much snow, lots and lots of people, unfortunately, the purchase was not feasible because the prices were sky high, although there were wonderful things .... patience we settle for a diet lunch really .. ............................ polenta and prosciutto (I) sausage (my friend) and cold meats and cheeses, not to us miss anything, and then a glass of wine tasting "Gineprino.
It 's been very nice!


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