Saturday, February 12, 2011

What Does It Look Like When A Ringworm Is Healed

Week steep uphill ... by the way!  Facendo slalom tra un contrattempo e un'arrabbiatura sono riuscita a dedicarmi a qualcosina. Nei prossimi giorni poster√≤ il mio primo quasi-golf realizzato con la Addi. Devo terminare una cosuccia e poi fare la foto, domani potrebbe essere il giorno adatto. Ho finalmente finito il mio cappottino primaverile realizzato con l'uncinetto del 20 e i ferri del 15. Ma anche per questo c'√® da aspettare... domani mi faccio fotografare :)
I pattern li ho presi da Maglia Milleidee di novembre, modificandoli un pochino.

Oggi, in un momento in cui Miche e Lorenzo giocavanotra di loro, ho realizzato un paio di scaldamani con la Addi piccola, quella a 22 aghi. Al mercato, settimana scorsa ho trovato della lana merinos morbidissima, a beautiful green lawn. I asked Erica to make for me, with his small frame, a daisy e. .. voila! A lawn in the hands

course can also be made by hand, with the circular needles or with normal iron.
Here's how:
Addi circular needles and 22 needles
tubular Start using all the needles and "grind" lines 30-40 (depending on how long the arm should go up). For the opening of the thumb put on hold three needles blacks, make up the lever on the working sheet to open and work 10 stitches. Push the lever on the tube and continue processing for another 10 lines. Close, start and finish late. With a crochet hook resume remaining issues and make 2 turns to crochet around the hole for the thumb.
Addi King Size and Grilled normal
Start, working in open canvas, 22 mesh. Perform 50-60 rows. Close the rectangle and sew along the long side, leaving open space for the thumb to be finished with the crochet hook.

quick and easy.

In recent days I had to work even crocheted a flower, which was commissioned by Michelangelo, who wants to give it to her classmate ... ammmore!

request very precise and demanding her: a purple and pink flower, the kind of wool you do you, Mom. But with the stem and two leaves, not a badge or wristband. To make the flower I used the usual mythical patterns that you find here . For me the leaves are arranged using crochet, half-high and high to give the shape. I started with a chain (you see how much, depending on the length of the leaf) I worked around it by 2 links available, 2 half-high mesh, mesh 2 high, 2 half mesh upper, 2 lower links on each side. For the stem I took a toothpick to skewer and I tied around the green wire to put up points like knitting.


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