Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cloudy Urine Need A Poo

Carnival? Costume super fast! Flashes of Spring

Carnival approaches, shops and supermarkets are full of costumes, beautiful but ... all the same. This weekend I had fun with my puppies to create costumes using crepe paper and cardboard. Web Mammeacrobate you can find the pattern to create the custom firearms for children and the costume for the little flower girls.
Here I explain how to make a shark costume, the one chosen by Miche. On
gray card or draw a blue fin, made the hat following the instructions found on Mammeacrobate . To get a dress shirt or a sweatshirt of the same color of the fin. On cardboard draw the tail fin of the shark and attach it to your shirt (you can sew by machine or by hand or use the stapler.
Michelangelo wanted to draw eyes and mouth on the fin. I would suggest you to draw on the face of the small mouth with shark teeth using, of course, the special tricks that in this period, are everywhere.


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