Sunday, February 27, 2011

Star Wars Roll On Backpack

Saturday afternoon

different afternoon with a walk in a suburb of Turin did not know at all, which was reviewed and advertised. In addition to
benches, in itself original and truly beautiful, there are several works on the houses of the streets around. Small
ancient lanes, where almost sealed the smell of the past, small balconies and graceful, colorful doorways, windows adorned with embroidery paintings, a very retro. What it lacks
questa'amosfera However, in my opinion, maybe not, is the naturalness in the sense that the atmosphere more than anything else is given a sense of poverty and decay rather than being natural. Maybe it's
my vein to make me see so pessimistic, but the "district of the past" seems like a euphemism to try to recover a degraded neighborhood and perhaps, even certainly not a bad thing but a way to develop it.
I do not know.
However I liked the walk and benches more!


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