Thursday, February 10, 2011

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Chicken Biscuits "orange" vinsanto

Another recipe I was looking for it because "the 'orange " a part which is my favorite color but it is also tempting, when you comes to food. I like the
Its juice or had simply sliced \u200b\u200band eaten on the sofa, or as in this case leading palatability, aroma and new "life" to a meat and of itself is not so tasty ... so today I present to you thighs chicken flavored with onions caramelized in orange juice with a flip of that vinsanto sbrucicchia throat.
The Chicken at the end of the treatment and thanked my husband, as well.

With this recipe I participate in the contest Cinzia and that of Banda nicest there is.

6/8 cosce di pollo - 2 arance - 3 cipolle dorate - 1 (meglio 2) cucchiai di vinsanto -  olio extravergine - sale e pepe bianco

In una padella antiaderente leggermente unta far dorare perbenino le cosce di pollo per 10 minuti a fuoco vivace. Aggiungere il vinsanto, il succo delle arance e le cipolle. Portare a bollore, salare, pepare. Coprire e lasciare cuocere a fuoco lento per 20 minuti.

Più facile di così ... ma veramente gustosa ^_^


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